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Businesses in northern Indiana, whether small or large, benefit from the HR expertise offered by PDS.

The greatest resource of any business is its people. Where Human Resource Services are not available or cost-effective in a business, PDS provides cost-effective HR consultative Services, helping management to focus on important elements of the business. For your consulting needs, PDS is your best choice.

A degreed Human Resource Professional with over 25 years of broad experience is available for fee-based consultation including, Benefit Systems, Policy creation, and deployment, Background Screening, I-9 audits, Psychometric based job qualification matching, etc. PDS provides exceptional service.

All it takes is a phone call or email to begin the process of PDS meeting your human resource needs.



As a small business owner, you may not have time to study and keep up with the dynamics of human resource services/functions.

PDS provides HR Consultancy on specific topics, and addresses:

  • Risks
  • Solutions
  • Questions
  • Services


Risks are at an all-time high from third-party regulatory agencies such as; EEOC, DOL, WBC, ICE, etc.

Each can penalize and levy fines.

Protect your hard earned revenue with expert advice in all areas of HR.


Knowledge is one of the greatest commodities in today’s business environment. 

HR Consultancy is one of the options business leaders are taking to make a big impact on organizational success.

You will have access to experts and will be in a unique position to stay informed as well as to learn from current best practices in HR. 

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Protect your hard earned revenue.

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